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Graphic State


  GS is the developer of
GameBoy Advance games
- Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride
- Cruis'n Velocity
- Dark Arena
- Star X
- Urban Reflex

GBA Games

   GameCube game lineup is not us impressive. So far only one game - Extreme Pool and the same for PC - pool and snooker game with players potting balls in a number of strange locations.

Nintendo DS dev tools NeoFlash and PassMe. Neo Flash Magic Key is a manufactured PassMe.

Nintendo GameCube

  For PlayStation 2 GS has developed Extreme Pool and was involved in co-developer or Game Boy Advance title ZooCube

PS2 Games by GS

GBA Flash Cards and Linkers for Game backup and GBA roms development.

Company Info
Satchwell Granary
2 New Street
Leamington Spa
Warwickshire < 1HP CV31>
[email protected]
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  Company Profile in short

Graphic State Game development and graphics production company is based in Warwickshire, UK. Graphic State specializes on game creation for handhelds like Game Boy Color and GBXemu Gameboy Advance, but has also worked on PlayStation / PS2, GameCube and PC game projects. Graphic State's clients include Lego Media, Midas Interactive, Ubi Soft, EA, Xicat and more.

Satchwell Granary, 2 New Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

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Dark Arena (GBA)

Dark Arena for the GameBoy Advance is a First Person Shooter in the classic gameplay style of Doom with the modern refinements and additions of games such as Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, now on a handled game system! Dark Arena combines raw action gameplay with strategic play and puzzle solving. Fast, frantic, and fun!

Game Boy Advance



PlayStation 2

Game Boy Advance

nds flash neo m3 g6 magickey 2

  About GS at GBXemu

GraphicState gbXemu website was established after the official GS site (we hope temprearly) closed. We are fans of GS games gba roms and the company and would like to support it any way we can.

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